“HOT SUMMER LOVE-Box Set” Blog Tour Five Full Length Sexy Summer Sizzles!!!

Hot Summer Love: Five Full Length Sexy Summer Sizzles
by Cali MacKay, Julie Farrell, Jean Oram, Jax Cassidy and Evelyn Adams
Tour Organizer: N K Author Services
SEPTEMBER ONLY! Get this NEW, regularly priced $15.95 bundle for only 99 cents!Summer may be coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean your fun and sexy reads must end too. Five contemporary romance authors have teamed up to bring you an exclusive, ONE-MONTH only super sale bundle deal to help you stretch out summer just a little longer. For this month only, get five full-length contemporary romances that will keep you sizzling throughout September. This bundle will save you over ___ %! Get yours before it vanishes into the sunset.
This set contains five full-length contemporary romance novels about falling in love, trusting yourself, and following your dreams.

Bundle includes:
One Sweet Summer (book 1 in the Mermaid Isle series) by NYT bestselling author Cali MacKay
Romancing the Real You (book 2 in the London Love Series) by Julie Farrell
Love and Rumors (book 1 in the Summer Sisters series) by Jean Oram
Brush with Desire by Jax Cassidy
Feels Like Home (book 1 in the Southern Heart series) by Evelyn Adams

Totalling 1,416 pages of pure escapism bliss!

Riley never got over her first love, Thorsen, so when he shows up at the quirky inn she manages 12 years later, she falls for him all over again.

She soon finds out the inn is being sold to Holt Enterprises, who’ll strip it of everything that makes it unique. But when she’s faced with the real reason Thorsen’s returned and his unbearable betrayal, will she be able to save the inn and her chance at true love?

Do You Love Steamy Romance?
Eva is a sexy psychic who wants to be adored. She’s shacked up with C-list celebrity, Victor Valentine, hoping to use his status to boost both their careers to superstardom. But her delightful assistant and former stripper Charlie knows she’s happiest when she’s being the real Eva. The friction between them sizzles in each steamy love scene. But which man will she choose?


One photographer who needs money—fast. One movie star with an offer as tempting as his bad boy smile.

Can Hailey Summer, who has remortgaged her entire life, save her family’s historic cottage before it’s seized by the taxman by selling out celebrity Finian Alexander? Or will Finian’s own plans for Hailey put the two of them in the tabloids–together–compounding their problems?


Brought together by art, but does falling in love come at a price…or is it the ultimate masterpiece?

Art was not only a passion of Machiko Barrett, but also a destiny. An artist prodigy since three-years-old, she’s caught in a turbulent storm of celebrity, scandal, and corruption. Fifteen years later, she re-emerges, and her sheltered existence is soon disrupted by Caleb Holden―an unconventional billionaire who opens her eyes to the art of sensuality, and awakens the woman buried deep inside the broken girl.

FEELS LIKE HOME by Evelyn Adams

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*Note: All five authors have new releases coming out this month, so be sure to check out their websites, Facebook pages, and like their Amazon author pages.
(Contemporary romance, beach reads, alpha billionaires and alpha heroes, single women falling in love, small town romances, women fiction, love story, sexy romance, bad boys.)

Cali MacKay: Cali MacKay is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. She lives in New England with her husband, two girls and their crazy mutt. When not tapping away on her laptop and getting her characters into trouble, she can be found designing book covers for other authors, wrangling her girls, and splicing DNA.



She’s also a decent potter, adventurous cook, and horrible gardener.
Julie Farrell: From panic to published!
I write steamy romances that will make your heart pound hard and your thighs surge with desire!
There was a time, not so long ago, when all I wanted was to stop my heart pounding hard and my mind surging with fear. You see, I suffered with panic attacks. The fear debilitated me on a daily basis, and the feelings of weakness undermined my self-esteem. This ‘fear of fear’ became so immense that there were times when I was scared to even go outside of my home.
At those times, all I wanted to do was write, because my imaginary world of fiction provided a soothing escape from reality. The strong female characters I created allowed me to pretend everything was okay in my world. And the sexy men in my fictive imagination were protective, loving, and strong.
I’ve never been someone to give up! Even at my lowest, I knew I could and would recover. Thanks to a great support network, a wonderful self-help book (The Panic Attacks Workbook by David Carbonell), and my own patient determination I experienced my last ever panic attack in January 2013. Then, in April 2014, I proved how strong I’d become by backpacking with a friend in the chaos and heat of India – something that had filled me with dread back when my fear was dominating my every waking breath.
But nothing in this life is ever a waste. During the years when I was suffering from panic attacks, I learnt to write well! I honed my craft, and when I came out the other end, I was ready to self-publish, knowing that if I can cope with panic attacks and survive, then I can become a successful indie author too! My books are the products of this amazing journey that I’ve been on, and now I can’t wait to find out what other delights await me, just around the corner!
Never give up on your dreams, and don’t let the setbacks of today ruin your tomorrow! You can do it – just like I did!
Jean Oram: Be sure to sign up for Jean Oram’s latest book news, giveaways, and more: http://www.jeanoram.com/signup (You can copy and paste that link straight into your browser.)
Jean Oram grew up in a small town in Alberta, Canada and her experiences have inspired her Blueberry Springs series. But while Jean grew up in an old schoolhouse tending to the family’s honeybee operation, her characters haven’t! Well, not yet, anyway.
Her latest series, the Summer Sisters, was inspired by her summers spent in the Canadian Muskokas where she would visit her grandmother in her century-old cottage. But while Jean’s characters fall in love with movie stars and millionaires, Jean found her husband in the Canadian far north. And he’s not a millionaire. Yet. (There’s still time.)
Jean loves to ski (downhill and cross-country), hike, camp, read, write, watch romantic comedies, and say random things like “Buckle your seatbelts, kids, Mama’s driving!” in order to make her kids crack up.
She lives in Canada with her husband, two kids, very large dog who sheds like she’s trying to clone herself, her cute cat that’s been nicknamed Nermil, as well as tons of nature. You can read, dream, laugh, and love along with Jean’s characters in her novels at http://www.jeanoram.com/books. You can also find her not quite over-sharing the crazy life of being an author in her new fan girl group at http://www.facebook.com/groups/JeanOramFans. Come join the fun and vote for the sexiest heroes on earth.
Jax Casssidy: Jax Cassidy followed her dreams to Paris, then Hollywood to pursue a film career but managed to fall in love with penning sexy romances and happy endings. She writes contemporary and paranormal romances and is Co-Founder of Romance Divas, and award winning writer’s website and discussion forum. Jax is also known as one-half of the retired writing team of Cassidy Kent.
Jax Cassidy is represented by Roberta Brown, Brown Literary Agency.



Image of Evelyn Adams
Evelyn Adams: Evelyn Adams lives in her own little Garden of Eden with her three children, a handful of God’s creatures and the man of her dreams. If she’s not writing steamy romances, she’s chasing kids, gardening or reading other authors’ steamy stories.

“BURNING TIES: Book 2 Love, Power & Sin” by Marie Astor

Burning Ties: Book 2 of Love, Power & Sin Series
by Marie Astor
Tour Organizer: N K Author Services
Allyson Roberts has risen from the ashes. She now has a career, a relationship, and a purpose in life. But as a new assignment comes along, Jake Morrissey, the man who helped her rebuild her life and has been her rock ever since might now become too dangerous for her to love. Will Ally and Jake find a way to be together, or will their ties burn them?
Delilah Jones has always been the odd one out with a wayward past. Now, she has a chance to shine by completing an undercover assignment that has her colleagues at a standstill. But what if getting a lead will cost Delilah her only chance for true love? Will she have to choose between her heart and career, or will she find a way to have both?

Get the first in the series free

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Author: Marie Astor
Bio:Marie Astor is New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author. In her spare time Marie enjoys being adventurous out-of-doors. She often gets new story ideas while she is hiking up a mountain or trying to avoid bumping into a tree while skiing.
Marie loves hearing from her readers and always answers all of her emails personally. 

“ONE LAST KISS” by Susan Ward Release Blitz

facebook one last kiss (1)


one last kiss_amazon






Linda is on a mission to find her father. Her journey to locate the gifted musician who abandoned her before she was born takes her through the steamy and drug fueled world of the LA music scene where she is rapidly climbing the ranks as a prime groupie sought after by the brilliant and talented men of rock music.

Jackson Parker is a living music legend from the ‘60s. But hard living, the death of his wife, private tragedies, and a personal life in shambles sends him on a downward spiral into despair.

On a lonely night on a Santa Barbara beach the last thing either expects is to find the one person they absolutely need to make their lives complete. Will Linda’s chance meeting with a drunken Jackson change both their lives forever?

Together these two broken and desperate souls collide in a passionate affair that is impossible for either of them resist. Together they each find the solace they need: a man searching for peace and a girl searching for closure. One thing is certain, their chance meeting has kicked off an affair without end…

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Closeup of a passionate loving couple


Young multi-racial couple. Young lovers who is sexually active


last kiss_facebook


About Author


I’m addicted to writing. I’ve written 26 romance novels in 25 years, but I just started releasing them in May 2014 because frankly there are some things inside them I wasn’t sure I wanted my daughters to read. The nest is empty, my girls all grown, so now I’m letting loose.

I believe in the adage; Don’t judge a book by it’s cover! Definitely the case with The Girl on the Half Shell. Perfect looking lives are not perfect. We all have our own challenges to overcome! It’s a theme in the books I’ve written and I cover a wide range of contemporary issues in stories ranging from raw and steamy, to gut wrenching, to happy happily ever after.

My first release The Girl on the Half Shell is my most intense novel, the first in the Half Shell Series and the one I had to wait until I had no kids at home to release.

My Perfect Forever Series is definitely happy happily ever after! The first in this line of books was released June 2014 with The Signature.

My soon to be released first novella of the Encounters books, are short, steamy, and fun reads.

And in September I’m starting to release my first in The Deverell Series with When the Perfect Comes, a fast paced, plot twisting historical!

I’ve been in love with the Romance novel since I read my first Kathleen Woodiwiss book, and it seems to me that beyond a steamy fun read, a good romance novel is so much more: it’s women empowering women. We share. We learn.

So about me? I’m as eclectic as my books. A mom. A business owner. A writer of romance. An advocate for clean air and the environment. A wife and an animal lover. The best way to explain me is that once in a talent contest I played classical piano followed by a chopsticks duet with my toes. That pretty much sums up how I’ve lived my life!

For future releases and other books http://www.susanwardbooks.com

Drop me an email. I love to hear from readers.

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“RESIST ME – Men of Inked Series” by Chelle Bliss Review, Rafflecopter, MUST READ HOT!!!


Book:Resist Me
Series: Men of Inked
Book Number: 4
Author: Chelle Bliss
Genre: Erotic/Romantic Erotica
Release Date: August 25, 2014

Resist Me Ebook


Izzy Gallo has never been described as a member of the weaker sex. She’s a woman who doesn’t take shit from anyone. Growing up with four older overprotective brothers has hardened her, making her a force to be reckoned with.

Against the wishes of her two brothers, Joe and Mike, Izzy takes a weekend trip to Bike Week in Daytona, turning her world upside down. Over her head, in a world she doesn’t understand, there’s only one man who can save her.

James Caldo has dedicated his life to protect and serve as a member of the DEA. He’s cocky, overbearing, and doesn’t take no for an answer – the Gallo men have nothing on him.

When their paths cross, James makes Izzy question everything she believes about completely surrendering to the opposite sex.

Does James have what it takes to overpower the headstrong Izzy, capturing her heart forever?


Let’s just say that “Resist Me – Men of Inked Series” had me running for a cold shower. James and Izzy have set the pages on fire!

Mouthy chauvinist- Check
Alpha Male – Check
Flipping HOT – Check
Control Freak in the Bedroom – Check

Gorgeous & Sexy – Check
Strong Willed – Check
Mouth of her own (close to a sailors) – Check
Has no idea she wants to be controlled in the bedroom – Check

You really would benefit from starting with the first book in the series: Throttle Me, then Hook Me, find your way to Throttled and of course the MUST read Resist Me.

Resist Me Purchase Links:

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1t5S6TG
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/resist-me/id909302388?mt=11&uo=4
Kobo – http://store.kobobooks.com/en-US/ebook/resist-me
Barnes & Noble:


Me: Lying through your teeth, doll. You’d be slamming yourself against my cock, taking all I had to give.
Sexy Fugitive: STOP.
My dick throbbed, aching for release. My balls had to be blue with the way they felt. Bastards may burst at any moment. I needed inside Izzy and I didn’t want to wait. I knew that if I jerked off, it wouldn’t fucking help. My hand didn’t compare to her milking the life out of my dick.
Me: Panties soaked?
Sexy Fugitive: I didn’t wear any today. 
She didn’t understand how her trying to shut me the hell up was a total cocktease. I loved it. I could go out and find some nameless woman who would lay herself out and offer her pussy to me to relieve the ache deep in my balls. I didn’t want that. I only wanted her. After having a few tastes, I was hooked. No one else would ever compare.
Sexy Fugitive: I’m almost dripping thinking of you jamming your hard, long cock inside me.
She was the devil.


meofinkedfacebookMen of Inked Series:

Throttle Me ~ Book 1: http://amzn.to/1ApcSSD
Hook Me ~ Book 2: http://amzn.to/1ApcUKf
Throttled ~ Book 3: http://amzn.to/1mUoWko
Resist Me ~ Book 4: http://amzn.to/1t5S6TG

Where to find Chelle Bliss ~

Click here to join the Chelle Bliss Newsletter
Facebook Fan Group: Bliss’ Book Hangout
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authorchellebliss1
Twitter: @ChelleBliss1
Official Website: www.chellebliss.com
Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/chellebliss10/
Email: authorchellebliss@gmail.com
Authorgraph: http://www.authorgraph.com/authors/ChelleBliss1
Sign-up for the newest release information via text: Text Alpha to 727-493-5129 (US Only)

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New Release “TWICE THE GROWL” by Milly Taiden

Twice the Growl
Dating Agency
© Milly
Genre: Paranormal Menage 
Release Date 8/29/2014
Release Organizer: N K Author Services
Talia Barca
needs a date. Badly. She uses the services of the Paranormal Dating Agency
hoping for a decent guy to take to a family wedding. A wedding her ex-husband
has wormed his way into as a guest.
Connor and
Theron want Tally to complete their Alpha triad. She’s sexy, curvy and funny.
But she’s human. And they’re not sure she’ll go for a relationship with two men
at the same time.
As if
deciding to give two men a shot wasn’t difficult enough, Tally will also need
to deal with a threat from the pack. She’ll either prove she’s strong enough to
be an Alpha mate or find herself at the mercy of a vicious opponent.
Available for Pre-Order NOW
Property of Milly Taiden
Talia Barca stared gloomily at her drink. How would she ever survive the next time
she saw her ex-husband? The rat bastard.
“So what are you going to do?” her cousin, Nita Islas asked. The soft question
broke through Tally’s misery.
“I don’t know,” she muttered and lifted her amaretto sour to her lips. She gripped
the cold glass tightly so the shaking of her hand wouldn’t cause her to let it
drop. Stupid nerves. There was no real reason to be nervous and yet she
was.  So what that she hadn’t seen her ex in years. Her entire family had been invited to her cousin’s upcoming wedding,
a wedding he’d also attend. That meant nothing. Okay, it did mean she had to
see his dumbass again. To make matters worse, if she didn’t attend she’d look
like she hadn’t gotten over him. How stupid was that when she’d been the one to
put in for the divorce in the first place.
“Stop thinking so hard, babe.” Nita shrugged her shoulders. Her black, wide-neck top dove
to the side and showed off a sparkly bra strap over golden brown skin. “I mean
our entire family should know at this point that he was a jerk to you.”
“You already know they think it was miscommunication. Makes shit worse that he’s
been great to most of them. That’s why they never really pushed him out of
their circle.” She swallowed a gulp of her drink, draining what was left in the
“If my parents weren’t traveling most of the year they’d support you too. This
isn’t fair if you ask me. I mean the guy was a dick to you.”
A dick with a small dick. That’s what she’d called him once she’d given up on
trying to make shit work. She sighed. An entire week near Paul of wedding
festivities was not what she was looking forward to. He had a god-complex the
size of Texas. It made no sense since he didn’t have the body or equipment to
back that up. Not even something a person should be proud of. He was an
all-star asshole.
“I’ll think of something.” Tally sighed. She’d better think of something ASAP or
she’d have to decline attending and that would look even worse. She didn’t hide
from shit, but Paul was one of those people that the mere thought of him gave
her a headache.
Nita slapped her drink on the table with a thump. “What about Mrs. Wilder?”
“Gerri? My neighbor?”
“Yes!” Nita leaned forward. “Didn’t she tell you as we were walking out tonight that
she’s running her business from her apartment in your building?” Nita’s brown
eyes widened with excitement. “If I recall, she said it’s a matchmaking or
dating service or something like that.” Tally
frowned and swept a long black curl behind her ear, trying to remember the
conversation. Mrs. Wilder was her older neighbor from across the hall and a lot
of fun. They were the only two on her floor and so Tally visited the older
woman quite often. The reason was more so she wouldn’t feel alone than Mrs.
Wilder being old. Tally didn’t really get along with her family thanks to asshole
Paul. Now her days were either spent with Nita or Mrs. Wilder. The older
neighbor always had a ton of male visitors. She came from a huge family and
she’d mentioned some of her grandsons would be moving in to the building in the
next few weeks.  “She did say something like that,” Tally mused.
“Well, there you go!” Nita passed her empty glass to the waitress, grabbed a fresh one
and lifted it to her lips. “Problem solved.” Maybe.
Or maybe she’d be in deeper shit if she allowed the elderly woman to mess with
her personal life. When it came to men, Tally had some seriously sucky luck.
She glanced around the bar that was located a few blocks from her building. The
crowd was younger than she cared to be surrounded with, but in a college town,
it was bound to happen. At thirty-two, she’d started to feel like a miserable
old lady surrounded by hot young men. She didn’t see how her personal life
could get any better.
“You need to talk to more men,” Nita said as if reading her mind.
“I’m too old for dating,” she grumbled but smiled at the waitress who’d given her a
new drink. “I’m about to get my cat lady starter kit any day now. Men are too
much work.” Nita laughed. “You’re insane. You’re gorgeous! What the heck would possess you to
say you’re too old? Thirty is young!”
“Thirty-two.” Nita rolled her eyes. “It isn’t like you’re ninety.”
“Sure feels like it,” she whispered with the drink by her lips. She winced at how
strong it was. Apparently the waitress felt she needed more than her usual dose
of liquor. Tally had to agree. She needed a damn miracle.
“All you have to do is stop dating the wrong men,” Nita stated matter-of-factly.
She pinned Nita with a glare. “I thought that’s what I was already doing. I mean I
work at a damn lawyer’s office. I don’t date any of those assholes. But why is
it that when I meet what seems to be a nice, decent man, he turns out to be
some kind of double bastard with a side of dickhead?”
Nita’s brows curved up. “Wearing a suit to work doesn’t mean you should live in one.
Cut loose, woman!” She exhaled loudly and pointed a red-tipped fingernail at
Tally. “You need to get laid properly.” “Shush!”
She glanced around the bar. A couple of the younger guys threw winks in their
direction. Flames of embarrassment heated her cheeks. “You’re going to get us
kicked out of here.” Nita giggled. “What I’d like is to get you hooked up.”
“I’d settle for a date.” Nita shook her head. “No. We need drastic measures here. You need to get laid.”
“Nita!” She gasped, covering the side of her face with her hand. “Shut up! You make me
sound like a desperate cougar.”
“Aw come on, Tally. I hate that you have to worry about a date for a family
function. You’re such a wonderful woman. This isn’t something you should be
stressing. You should be kicking men out of your door every night.”
Right. Because she was such a wild one. Not. With her black-framed glasses, unruly,
curly hair, larger than most women curves, and somewhat bitchy personality, she
didn’t really see herself as a femme fatale.
“I think you’ve had too many of those drinks.” Tally smiled and patted Nita’s
hand. “I’ll figure something out. I might ask Mrs. Wilder for some help. Who
knows? Maybe she can succeed where I haven’t.”
“I like Mrs. Wilder. I don’t care that she can probably chew me into little pieces
even at her old age.” Nita scrunched her nose. She twirled the small straw in
her glass in circles. “It’s a good thing she likes you, and therefore me by
default, because I have heard some crazy stuff about those shifters.”
Tally knew Mrs. Wilder wasn’t your regular granny, but she was such a sweetheart. And
she was someone she could share her cake addiction with. They took turns baking
different things and sharing with each other. It’s what fed Tally’s chocolate
urges and kept her with way too many curves to count.
“Yeah.” Tally sucked down a gulp from her new drink. “Who would’ve thought that I’d
become such good friends with a shifter granny.”
Nita grinned. “Why wouldn’t you? She’s sorta bitchy, like you.”
“Gee, thanks,” she said drily.
“It’s a compliment. I’m so tired of these bubbly women that are fake about how they
feel. Feel bitchy? Be bitchy.” Nita picked up her glass and pointed to Tally.
“This world is filled with too many fake people. You’re not trying to be a copy
of anyone, Tally. That’s why I love you. You’re always going to be an
Tally grinned. Clinked glasses with Nita and sipped her drink. “Thanks. So far that
hasn’t really brought anything good into my life.”
“It will,” Nita assured her. “Go visit Mrs. Wilder and for once tell her you need
help. It’s not the end of the world to admit to needing a man.”
Tally chuckled. “I don’t need a man. Not really. I need someone to be my date for the
week from hell.”
Nita shrugged and motioned the waitress for the check. “Maybe Mrs. Wilder will hook
you up.” She gasped. “Oh, my gosh! What if she hooks you up with one of those
scorching shifters she has visiting her all the time?”
that would be something to celebrate.” Tally giggled. “They are so sexy.  She told me she has anything from bears, to
wolves, to big cats.”
Nita sighed. “Bears and big cats. I used to have a best friend who was a bear.”
“Really? When?” Nita pursed her lips. “When we lived near the mountains for dad’s job with the fish
and wildlife department.”
“Was this before you all came back here?” Nita
nodded. “Yeah. We were sophomores in high school. He was so cute with his
glasses and almost too innocent face. I told him everything.”
“What happened?”
“My family came back here. I loved coming back here after all the years on the
road, but that meant my bear friend was left behind. He and I lost touch,” Nita
said softly. Tally pulled out one of the many cards Mrs. Wilder had shoved in her hand every time
she went over to visit. “Here you go. Why don’t you sign up and see what she
can get you?” Nita stared at the clear business card in awe. “Do you really think she can set me
up with one of her shifters?”
“Check out the fine print. She’s made me read it more than once. She will set you up
with whoever she deems to be the right man for you.” She read the tiny words on
the back of the card and adjusted her glasses. “So, you’re pretty much
guaranteed a man. I haven’t seen a single bad looking one yet.”
“You have to do it, Tally.” Nita blinked wide excited eyes at her. “I need to know
what she does. You’re in need of a date. This really is the perfect solution.”
Tally sighed. “At least you’re not suggesting those other websites that find your
‘perfect’ someone.” Nita blinked once. Twice. Then burst into giggles. “I’m sorry. It’s not funny after
your last episode.”
Tally clenched her teeth. She hated that her mother, of all people, had bought her a
membership to a dating site that promised to find her soul mate. She swore that
every man they sent her way had to have been rejected by every other woman.
There was no way that her soul mate was really a forty-five year old man with
seven kids, who lived with his mother, had no teeth and worked a maximum of ten
hours a week. No way.
Author Bio
Hi! I’m Milly Taiden (AKA April Angel). I love to write sexy stories. They’re usually either paranormal or
contemporary with a large dose of heat. My paranormal stories can be anything
from wolf-shifters (my favorites) to witches, demons and anything in between.
My contemporaries are usually anything from soldiers to corporate romances.
I was born the prettiest part of the Caribbean known as the Dominican Republic.
Currently, I live in New York City with my hubby, the bossy kiddo and our
little dog “Needy Speedy”. Don’t ask.
I am addicted to shoe shopping, chocolate (but who isn’t, right?) and Dunkin’ Donuts
coffee. Come on over and visit me! I love to meet new readers!
I hope you enjoyed this book. If you did, please consider writing a review.
Like my books?
Want to stay on top of all things Milly? Sign up for my newsletter at
There’s a giveaways to all the emails signed up to get the
latest news on my releases.
Find out more about
Milly Taiden here:


“RESIST ME – Men of Inked Series” by Chelle Bliss HOT! STEAMY! Rafflecopter Giveaway

RMNowAvailableBook: Resist Me
Series: Men of Inked
Book Number: 4
Author: Chelle Bliss
Genre: Erotic/Romantic Erotica

Resist Me Purchase Links:

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1t5S6TG

B&N:B&N: http://bit.ly/1ru6Ez8

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/resist-me/id909302388?mt=11&uo=4
Kobo – http://store.kobobooks.com/en-US/ebook/resist-me

Resist Me EbookSynopsis:

Izzy Gallo has never been described as a member of the weaker sex. She’s a woman who doesn’t take shit from anyone.
Growing up with four older overprotective brothers has hardened her, making her a force to be reckoned with.

Against the wishes of her two brothers, Joe and Mike, Izzy takes a weekend trip to Bike Week in Daytona,
turning her world upside down. Over her head, in a world she doesn’t understand,
there’s only one man who can save her.

James Caldo has dedicated his life to protect and serve as a member of the DEA. He’s cocky,
overbearing, and doesn’t take no for an answer – the Gallo men have nothing on him.

When their paths cross, James makes Izzy question everything she
believes about completely surrendering to the opposite sex.

Does James have what it takes to overpower the headstrong Izzy, capturing her heart forever?

Resist Me Excerpt:

I’d already raised my voice, but I couldn’t fucking help it. The woman was maddening. “I’m exactly what you need and want. You’re too fucking scared to admit it.”
She shook her head as she crawled out of bed and started to dress. “You’re not all that.”
“When you grow the fuck up, call me,” I said as I stalked toward her.
“You’re a total dick,” she hissed, moving to slap me.
I grabbed her wrist, pulling her to my body. Gripping her hair in my fist, I gave it a slight tug as I hovered over her lips. She gasped, holding my shoulders.
“You know you want me,” I growled, my lips a breath away from hers. “I wrecked you for any other man. I own your ass, Izzy. I’ll let you run, but you can’t resist me forever.”

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I never intended Joshua Lars, the sexy-as-sin sculptor to be more than a one-night stand. How was I to know his masterful hands and dominant command would wake the sleeping submissive within me?

Any of my friends would have said that Mellie Carson was an independent, successful woman who would never kneel for a man. I’d already chalked my one foray into surrendering my control up to naïve stupidity. I was far too smart now to do it again—or so I thought.

Then came Joshua… Determined to resist his powerful draw, I tried to forget him, but Fate—and a killer—had other plans. Now, in Joshua’s arms, I might be safe, but I fear my heart isn’t. Can he save my life while saving my submission?

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Author of tantalizing BDSM Erotica Romance. She burns up the pages with her emotional true life sizzling stories of seduction, suspense and sexual splendor.

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