COMES THE NIGHT (Book 1) Norah Wilson & Heather Dorhety


First of all, the cover is just intriguing. In my opinion, the cover depicts a dark, painful, mysterious read behind the covers.  The cover is perfect for the series!. “Comes the Night” by Norah Wilson & Heather Doherty, is exactly what the cover shows.  The book has every element of suspense, mystery, and depth. The character, Alex, has found a diary from years ago that she can relate her self to. The diary talks of loss, tragedy, fear, and the most unbelievable strength. Alex, Maryanne, and Brooke bond together to be beat the darkness that threatens the very soul of their existence of the teenage years at the boarding school.


How far will you will go to get to peace, happiness and strength to survive?  Running, Hiding or “Casting”?


“Comes the Night”, will show you how far Alex, Maryanne and Brooke will go to save them selves from the darkness that lurks in the shadows! 4.9 stars out of 5 from me….I wish I could have given it 5,  but I need to finish the second book, “Enter the Night” by Norah Wilson & Heather Doherty. I am most certain that in my humble opinion, that is a going to be a 5 once I have an ending!


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