Review – Forever Young (The Forever Land Chronicles) – By -Sawyer Bennett

Forever Young (The Forever Land Chronicles)Forever Young by Sawyer Bennett
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh my gosh! I am in love with this story. Sawyer must be working on a sequel! It is a must!!

It has just enough fantasy and reality mixed with a slowly building love story! I love that Charlie, the 17 year old borderline juvenile delinquent, has taken to her new role as a fighter of evil. It is so sweet that Caiden, her mentor, her protector, has found a soft spot for the Charlie. For Charlie being 17 years old, she has never had a true love, a boyfriend, never been kissed and has had no desire for any of the above. She has just focused on getting through school, knowing that being the smartest one will be the only way to change her life with a scholarship to college. She knew that once she was considered a “Ward of the State”, after her parents tragic death, that she had no choices but to exceed. With Caiden’s help, she going to do just that! Not only is she going to find out what a real first kiss is like, she is going to be challenged by her training in “Forever Land”.

Their is something fun and exciting seeing Charlie going over to “Forever Land” to train and develop her unique abilities. Having the ability see peoples faces morph into their true selves is something I think all of us wish we could do! Anyway, I love the surprise ending! It was not a true cliff hanger, but it definitely gives the readers a chance to look forward to another book…hopefully!

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