Enter the Night – Book Tour & Giveaway (Casters Series #2) By Norah Wilson & Heather Doherty


Title: Enter the Night (Book 2 in the Casters Series)

Author: Norah Wilson and Heather Doherty

Release date: October 11, 2013

 Age Group:  YA/New Adult

 Genre: Contemporary Romance

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 Enter the Night Book Description:

In Comes the Night, Alex Robbins, Brooke Saunders and Maryanne Hemlock, three troubled seniors at Streep Academy, learned to escape their pain — escape their very bodies — by casting a dark piece of themselves out through the stained glass window high in the attic of their dorm, Harvell House.

Casting has been the salvation of each of the girls, but particularly for Maryanne. The wholesome good girl of the trio, Maryanne nevertheless harbors a secret — and a darkness — unrivaled by tattooed scenester Alex or beautiful badass Brooke. Casting provides Maryanne a desperately needed reprieve from her guilt and pain, but it’s become like a drug. And as with any drug, it only masks the real problems … and brings dangers of its own.

When Maryanne starts dating Bryce Walker, son of the notorious “Heller” hunter Ira Walker, is it first love, or is there a darker, more self-destructive impulse at play? As the superstitious citizens of Mansbridge begin to mutter and scan the night skies for Hellers, can the hunted lie down with the hunter and emerge unscathed?


SETUP: Over Brooke’s and Alex’s protests, Maryanne insists on dating Bryce Walker.

Bryce opened her door and held out a hand. “Step on the running board and I’ll help you down.”

She did as he instructed, feeling dwarfed by both the size of the hand that swallowed hers and the size of this honking big truck.

“Think you can hop down, or would you like me to lift you?”

The idea of his hands at her waist was appealing. Too appealing. “I can jump.”

He released her hand when she was safely on the ground, and she missed its warmth as he closed the door and locked the truck. It was just as well. Hand-holding at the very outset of a first date was more PDA than she was comfortable with. Besides, she didn’t want it getting back to Brooke and Alex that they’d been all lovey-dovey. Her friends had made it clear what they thought of her going out on a date with Bryce.

“Are you packing protection?” Brooke had asked as Maryanne had readied herself earlier.

“Brooke!” Maryanne had taken the damp towel from around her freshly-washed hair and tossed it at Brooke. “Like that will be happening.”

Brooke caught the towel and rolled her eyes. “You and that dirty mind of yours. I meant mace. Pepper spray. Stun gun.”

Maryanne turned to Alex. “You’re not going help me out on this one, are you?”

Alex shrugged. “Pepper spray wouldn’t hurt.”

Maryanne had groaned, but she hadn’t backed down. She understood her friends’ concerns. Bryce had demonstrated his commitment to taking over where his grandfather Ira had left off. But Bryce, the guy, was different from Bryce, the Heller hunter, just as Maryanne, the girl, was different from Maryanne, the caster. And Bryce, the guy, just had to look at her to send tingles of awareness all over her body.

Together, Heather and Norah write dark, edgy, frightening young adult paranormal/horror.

Comes the Night (Book 1)


How far would you go to escape your own personal teenage hell? Would you run away, break away from everything you know—even your own body?

Alex Robbins, Brooke Saunders and Maryanne Hemlock could not be more different, yet they all have something in common — deep and soul-searing pain. They are also all students at Streep Academy, a boarding school just one step away from juvie, where they’ve come to complete high school. The three have been relegated to Harvell House, the residence reserved for the hardest cases, the so-called Rejects from Reject Row. In the forbidden attic of the old Victorian house-turned-residence, the girls discover the diary of Connie Harvell, a young woman who was confined and abused there some 50 years ago. In the end, Connie’s attic prison couldn’t hold her—not completely. She found a way out. At least a dark part of her did. And after reading her diary, the girls discover they can escape at will too. A terrifying, thrilling flight from their bodies and their troubles.

But God help them, their pain isn’t all they leave behind when they join with the night. And God help anyone who’s wronged them…




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About the Authors:

NORAH WILSON is a USA Today bestselling author of romantic suspense and paranormal romance. She lives in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, with her husband, two adult children, dog Chloe, and kitty Ruckus.

HEATHER DOHERTY fell in love with writing while taking creative writing courses with Athabasca University. Motivated by her university success, and a life-long dream of becoming a novelist, she later enrolled in the Humber School for Writers under the mentorship of David Adams Richards. Her first literary novel was published in 2006. While still writing dark literary (as well as not-so-dark children’s lit), she is beyond thrilled to be writing paranormal/horror with Norah. Heather lives in Fredericton, New Brunswick with her family. (No pets, but I swear Norah’s dog, Chloe, calls me Aunt Heather).

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