Sarra Cannon on Creating Chemistry!


Creating Chemistry
By Sarra Cannon

Have you ever been set up with the perfect guy? Well, “perfect on paper”, I mean. He’s got money, he’s handsome, he has everything a girl like you should want. But then when you meet, there’s just no spark. Conversation doesn’t flow. He has these little habits that get on your nerves.
On the other hand, have you ever met exactly the wrong guy and wanted nothing more than to feel the touch of his lips against yours?
Chemistry is one of those unexplainable things in life. We can’t always choose who we have good chemistry with, because it’s not always a logical thing. It’s often physical and mysterious.
When I’m writing characters, I can never force attraction. Sometimes before I start writing, I think I know exactly who my characters are. I think I know how they talk and act and feel. But then when I put them on the page together, there’s simply no spark. Their conversations are boring and meaningless. They don’t really seem to be that attracted to each other. There’s nothing interesting about the way they feel that makes them special.
That’s when I know it’s back to the drawing board.
Except that the times when I’ve created something real—something that truly felt authentic—I was no longer manipulating my characters in any way. They were simply coming forth out of nowhere, their words pouring from my fingertips as fast as I could type.
Harper and Jackson from my Peachville High Demons series had instant chemistry. From the first time they saw each other through the window, the reader knew there was something between them.
I personally love it when there’s mystery between two characters. Secrets can be one of the best ways to build chemistry.
It can be a look, a conversation, a first touch, a first kiss, but true chemistry comes from all directions. The way he smells. The feel of his hand as it brushes against her cheek. The taste of cinnamon on her tongue. It tackles the characters on the page and takes them by surprise. And sometimes, it even takes the author by surprise.

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