Before We Fall: COMING SOON!

Yea!! Coming Soon!!!

Happy Monday!

Soooooo…. Before We Fall (book 3 in the Beautifully Broken series) has been turned in to my awesome editor.  What does this mean?  Well, I already had my celebratory turned-in-my-book margarita and now… it means that the countdown until release officially begins.   *runs around in a circle*

You guys, I’m so, so excited about this book.  So freaking excited.

Dominic is so…. dark and YUM.  He’s damaged, but yet still so very sexy.  He’s also got a lot of…. shall we say…. dark appetites.  🙂     And Jacey is so… damaged, yet feisty.  She knows she’s got issues, but she’s bull-headed and strong willed and wants to forge ahead anyway.

To kick off the countdown until BEFORE WE FALL releases on December 3rd, we’re releasing a few graphic teasers today.   Woot!  I hope you like them and that you are looking forward to the release of BEFORE WE FALL…

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