Running From Destiny by Christa Lynn – Review

running from destiny


My Review:

This story takes the reader on the most amazing journey that I think all women travel!
As a 28 year old smart, witty, focused determined Administrative Assistant, Alexandra is certain that with hard work, she will accomplish a position with the degree that she has achieved. Her friend Heather, well…she is completely opposite.  She is self centered, beautiful, tall, blond model in the fashion industry. Oh, did I mention that Alexandra is a voluptuous size 14?
Jackson – CEO of Womans Pride Magazine, Attorney, strong, sexy, controlling and surprise looming in the background.(It is an important surprise but might be a spoiler)
Alexandra is not quite sure why in the world this brilliant, successful, gorgeous man is toying with her and her emotions…Could her really want her? Could this be just another conquest? Another play toy? Why in the world would someone like him…want someone like her?
Yes, readers, plenty of sex, plenty of suspense and plenty of mouth dropping events! This is a book that will keep you up “ALL NIGHT” to finish. (Just as a warning…you can not put it down once you pick it up!)
Congratulations Christa Lynn on your novel!  I can not wait for the next one!!  Big Hugs!

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