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Alex was a controversial treasure hunter. 

Until the day Liz came storming into his life and changed his world forever. 

Now, an archeologist on a dig in the California desert, everything goes terribly wrong and everyone, including Liz, disappears. 

It is up to Alex to follow the clues and find the answers. Will he be able to trust his heart and rescue Liz? Or will hard headedness and self-doubt lose her to the curse for all eternity?

Alex began twisting his ring around his finger. She had always mystified him. Even now years later, he still hadn’t quite figured her out. He had brought it up before and asked her how she knew things that she shouldn’t know. But, she had simply smiled at him and then either distracted him with her kisses, changed the subject or lashed out at him. Eventually Alex decided it wasn’t important to him and let it drop.

                He was pulled from his thoughts by a knock at the door. He jumped and his heart started beating faster. Who could that be at this time? Alex stood up from his chair and slowly walked towards the door, he pulled back the edge of the curtain and peered out the window just next it. He broke out into a grin when he saw who was standing there. He opened the door and pulled the man into a hug.

                “Bob, you son of a bitch, what are you doing here?”

                “I couldn’t just sit there and do nothing, you wanker. So, I decided to come out and see if I could help you; drove all night to do it too. Don’t thank me or anything.”

                “It’s good to see you man. Come in.”

                “Is that coffee I smell?”

                Alex nodded and headed off to the kitchen as Bob brought his bag in and set it down. He looked around the cabin and felt the sadness overwhelm him. He could feel Liz in every corner.

                “Are you sure you wouldn’t prefer tea?” Alex called from the kitchen.

                “You know I can’t stand that bloody stuff.”

The Curse by Mandy Baker Character Cast


Thank you for creating such believable characters!! I absolutely fell in love with Alex and Liz!!  They were so believable!  The setting was perfectly scripted. It had just enough mystery, just enough suspense and enough complexity to keep me engaged. It was a light refreshing read that kept my interest nailed to the page….(yes kids arguing in background and didn’t hear a thing..he he he) .





Meet Mandy:

I am a Coast Guard wife. I have been living the Coast Guard life for a little more than a decade now. We have travelled from one side of the country to the other more than once thanks to the Coast Guard. I currently live in Connecticut with my husband and our kitty, a spoiled calico named Missy. I am working towards my Bachelor’s in English. When I am not writing I can usually be found behind my camera take pictures of my life and the world around me.

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