Letters of Love – Your Birthday

June 1

My Love,

41 and still GORGEOUS! This is now 2 birthdays that I owe you.
I hope you get this letter in time for your birthday. I wish you the most amazing day. I am truly sorry for not being there to watch you smile. I promise baby, I will make not only your birthday the best every year, but I promise to make sure each morning you wake up, you will know what it is like to be the luckiest woman in the world.

Let’s fast forward until next year so you will know what to expect. When you fall asleep the night before, I will wake the kids so we can decorate the house with balloons and cards to surprise you in the morning. Next, I will take the kids out of the house so you can enjoy some time relaxing before we meet you for dinner. I will make sure the most beautiful floral arrangement is delivered during the middle of the day with all of your favorite flowers. Then I will get the kids, yours and mine ( actually OUR kids) and we will all sing you happy birthday at dinner. Yes, I will make sure everyone in the restaurant participates in the song, even if it means I need to buy their dinner to make them sing Happy Birthday to you.

Once we get our family all tucked in for the night, I will have candles and flower petals all over our bathroom, with the most romantic songs playing in the background. I will fill the enormous bathtub with bubbles, lavender and rose oils to make sure that you find our bath together relaxing and sensual.

I will wrap you in your favorite robe after the bath and carry you to our bed. I will rub your body from head to toe. If you drift off into a peaceful sleep, I will hold you until you wake.

My hope would be, that you allow me to blindfold you and bring every part of your body pleasure. I want all of your senses to be focused on my touch. I want you to know and feel only my lips kiss every curve on your body. I want to make love to my beautiful angel. This your birthday and all about your pleasure my love.
This is just the PG version sweetheart. Take a second to think about what you know I can really do for you. We know how the “X-Rated” version will go.

Happy Birthday My Angel!

Love you always Mrs. M,


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