Novel Reviews “Hot or Not”

Now we all have a n “Epic Dream”  of who we want the hero to be that can make our head and heart flip upside down.  Is it man? Is it a woman? Is it a child or teen?  Is a supernatural? Whether dream is a  hero, a Navy Seal, CIA, Vampire, Shape shifter, Teen Heart Throb or Rocker, we all deserve to have the experience.  Hopefully, through my personal reviews of  inspirational experiences with incredible, thought provoking words, I can bring just a sliver of desire, mystery, suspense or raw hard core sexual desire, to your secret fantasies.  Did you know it does not have to be a fantasy any longer?  Did you know that if your reality is just a “Banker”, a “Cashier”, a “CEO’, a “Mother”, a “Student”,  or a “Dreamer”, we can escape together!

Just remember we should always aspire to achieve what we dream! We can have it all!



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